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With so many fitness trends floating around, today we are surely split for choice.

How to avoid jumping in the band-wagon and truly deciding what mode of exercise works best for you.

You would mean you and your lifestyle, you and your current level of fitness. You and your health concerns and last but not least your personal goals. Notice no mention of age or gender.

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A personal trainer is the fitness professional and the motivation you need. Your personal trainer is extremely important to your fitness success. Regardless of your ability to remain motivated by internal or external factors, a personal trainer can take your workouts to another level.

The personal trainer will be with the client through the teaching and learning process.

Eventually, the client will achieve the self-efficacy to feel empowered enough to stick with an exercise and diet lifestyle to stay in great shape. It’s obvious that a personal trainer is very important to your fitness success. Trust that these pros have the knowledge to teach and instruct great ways to get into killer shape. You will be pushed to your limits, but each workout will bring you closer to the body and the healthy lifestyle you want and need. Take the guess-work out of working out! Get a plan and method from a personal trainer and enjoy your fitness success.

Functional Fitnesss

Get Fighting Fit

Boxing Conditioning

Boxing is a highly individual sport. Fighters possess unique styles that create specific physical demands. The boxing punch consists of synchronization between arm, leg and trunk actions. The punching movement of a boxer consists of leg extension, trunk rotation and arm extension, in succession.

The more effective the coordination between arms, legs and trunk movements are the greatest and the impact force of a punch. The leg muscles play a vital role in the power developed in this sequence. Increasing leg force development and coordinating it with trunk and arm action is probably the most effective way to increase punching power.

Mixed Martial Arts

Boxing Skills and Techniques

This class will take you to the next level and build on the foundation you've already established in prior classes.

Close Quarters Combat

This class has a tactical concept that involves physical confrontation between several combatants.


MMA class utilizes the best of the arts of Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and many other sport-based martial art systems.


Wrestling class teaches the basic grappling movements of the first Olympic sport.


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